Willem V

My full name is Willem Verstraete.
I study sexology, I’m a philosopher by heart and a philanthropist by choice.

As a lot of us in the dating community, I come from a sad background.
I grew up with parental issues, used to be very insecure and never had friends.
I was short, skinny, socially awkward and got bullied because of my insecurities.
When I was 19 I looked like I was 14, and last but not least, I was clinically depressed.

When I was 20 years old, I got sick and tired of getting friend-zoned.
“Willem you are amazing! Just not for me, but I am sure you will make another girl VERY happy!” — Said all women to me.

I remember a particular moment, when I told a female friend I had enough of it.
She immediately said: “Good for you! Now go talk to that girl over there.”
I froze up and couldn’t move. She pushed me into the girl and we ended up talking for 2 hours.
I felt reborn. Never had a girl been this attracted to me. My life changed.

From there on I decided to go for what I wanted, but as usual, balance wasn’t really there yet.
I started neglecting other areas of my life in order to improve my social skills.

When I realized this was not the way to go I decided I was going to become the best version of myself.
To become proud of myself. A man of value, with purpose and a drive that people feel when he enters a room.
Ever since I’ve relentlessly at chopped my old insecurities away.
My self-esteem issues got resolved, my love life has been fixed and my nice guy attitude is replaced with the attitude of a respectful man.

The nice guy syndrome was definitely my biggest roadblock with women and life.
After working on myself I’m now able to meet and attract quality women in a way that is natural to me.

Teaching other guys achieve the same things, while learning from each other is my next endeavour.
If you’ve always been friend zoned, if girls never ‘really’ liked you and if you’re sick of it, then let me help you.
I’ve been there, and I know how to fix it.