Hello! My name is Virgin.

I’ll launch into the story of how I became good with women, but frankly, it’s not a very interesting one.
I never was extremely socially awkward like most dating coaches seemed to be.
I never had trouble making friends, and I never stumbled over my words when talking to girls.

I’ve mostly been a victim of my own hormones and wanted to satisfy my wants and needs with women.
As many others did, I turned to the web to help me along my journey towards becoming an attractive person.
I tried everything I came across.
I failed and I succeeded...

That is the short version. Let’s not make this introduction completely about me, though.
Let’s make this a page where I can sell myself, where I can show you what I can do for YOU:

I’ve been in the dating community for over 6 years now (wow, time flies), during which I spent a great deal of time moderating the forums of and working for one of the biggest dating companies on this planet.
I have A LOT of experience helping people over countless hurdles along their path to attractiveness.

Name any silly problem you could think of that could pop into a person’s mind when talking about dating. I’ve heard it all.

In my early days I spent hours upon hours chatting with and texting women, trying everything to make them like me and meet up with me.
Eventually the patterns all started to fall into place and it all became simple, like a puzzle.
You see the pieces, and they fit together easily.

I spent more than 2 years going out partying nearly every night of the week, trying to crack the nightlife dating code.
Hacking into the system and writing the new commands.
I learned how to be the life of the party, the guy women want to be with, and men want to be friends with.