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So you want to know what the best opener is to start a conversation on Tinder. Well, you’re at the right address. I’m here to tell you that openers barely matter. You can not imagine what kind of sh*t you can get away with once you’ve set up a good Tinder account. To set up a good account you can check out my first article on Tinder tips: how to use Tinder. That being said, always try to make a good first impression and stack the decks in your odds

The point of the opener is pretty simple and straightforward. Just start a conversation and make her respond. A bad opener is one where she might think you’re plain boring, unattractive or dumb. This can result in a lame answer, no answer or even an un-match.

Excellent examples of bad openers are: ‘Hi’, ‘How are you’ or ‘Thank you for liking me’. Especially if you don’t add in any emoticon, exclamation mark or some fun text to spike some emotions. (But as I said, with a good account even these could work.)

A good opener would make her respond and would also spark some emotions in her at the same time. If you throw something crazy or funny out there it show's her that you're fun, confident and that you don't really care. Nice things to convey. Edgy and fun openers work even better when you wait with sending them like I explain in my article on Tinder tips: how to start a conversation on Tinder.

How do I open good

- When wanting to open a girl on Tinder the best way to go is looking at her Tinder pictures and description and to give a comment about something you noticed. Not just a comment, but a comment with a positive emotion behind it. Negative emotions can also work if you turn it around to positive later on, but It’s more advanced.

You can say something like ‘I love your wild curls!’ or ‘Your dog is the cutest!’ or you can point out a commonality as in ‘I’m a psychology student myself!’ for example. It doesn’t really matter as long as it’s fun and personalized. Find something about her picture or description that you like or have in common and comment on it with some emotion behind it. This is a very good basic template.

And if you’re too lazy to come up with a personalized opener your next bet bet is a generic one that’s at least a bit fun or crazy. Just to show her how serious you take Tinder. In the examples below you'll see a couple of these that could be copy pasted to other girls too. Again, they're better than boring ones, but personalized will always be best.

Watch our FREE video with the 10 biggest mistakes guys make on Tinder and when texting women.

Tinder opener examples

Here are some of my own Tinder conversations as an example. Every girl in these convos gave me her number or Facebook.

This is a perfect example where a little bit of follow-up went a long way. As you see, don't give up if the girl didn't answer immediately, you can always ping her one or two more times.

In this example she opened me, that's what you get with a good Tinder account. :-) I kept a fun vibe going on after that.

In this example I was travelling and I actually wanted to know about a good place to go out. Letting her know that you're travelling and leaving can sometimes work in your favor too.

Here I got opened again.

A nice generic one, smile+(name)+!+emoticon.

Her description made it clear she wasn't from around here, thus the question.

Same as the above example.

A travelling one again.

Here's a generic stupid one so you can see how silly you can go. I'm obviously just fooling around here.

The laughing emoticon on the opener was by accident, but it still went well.

A fun generic one again.

Kinda personalized and I thought it was funny, hehe.

Description made it clear she wasn't from around here, so went with it.

Same as the above example.

- As you saw you can go pretty silly and creative with your openers. Details don't really matter, it's about the underlying vibe. The point is to not be too boring and to have fun with the opener so you don't get bored of it after a while. She'll notice it if you're fooling around and she should reciprocate on that fun frame. And if she really doesn't like your humor you'll know pretty early on that it's a miss match. (If your humor repels all of your matches you should consider adjusting it a bit of course. ;-)

This Tinder tips is over!

My next article will be specifically on how to get a date through Tinder after you've started the conversation in a successful way. Subscribe in the box below to get noticed when it comes out.

In the meantime, if you already have a date lined up check out this article to see how to impress her: How to impress a girl and check out this article to learn how to get the kiss: How to kiss a girl.

I hope you enjoyed it my man! Talk later.

Terry Travis

Watch our FREE video with the 10 biggest mistakes guys make on Tinder and when texting women.


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