How to Attract Women, Effectively

This is a question a lot of men ask themselves. How do you attract that girl and make her want you. Luckily, if you’re reading this, you’re on the right path.

When I was younger I had a lot of self-esteem issues. I’m not the tallest and I used to be pretty fat. That being said, just by associating with other cool people and by hanging out with girls, they still got attracted to me. Since I was so insecure it never turned out to become anything, because I didn’t escalate on them or plainly even rejected their efforts to get to know me in a better way. I’m trying to say here that it’s not rocket science to attract women, especially if you’re in an environment where you spend some time with a lot of different women. College is a perfect example of this…

The first thing I always recommend men that I help to do is to work on their self-esteem. It’s the basis for a happy and successful life. This goes for girls, money, friends and happiness. If you’re constantly in your head worrying about what people are thinking of you you won’t be happy. We’ve got a practical guide help your self-esteem which you can get in the box below this article.

After fixing your self-esteem and getting some basics figured out which you can read about in our other articles, it comes down to putting yourself in a position and environment to actually be able to meet girls. This can be in a coffee shop, in a bar, in a library or if you’re careful even at work (seriously, works not the place for social experiments, be careful).

The reason why just putting yourself in good environments without thinking too much about what you can do to attract girls, and by just having fun, you’re being attractive. When you’re actively trying to seduce girls they’ll notice. And a lot of girls are actually down for that, but it’s more of an advanced game. We’ll write more about that later. If you put yourself in an environment with a lot of women and focus on being sociable, getting to know as many people as possible, introducing people to each other and all while enjoying yourself, you’ll attract plenty of girls (again, if they’re present).

Does she like you?

A couple of signs that show you a girl is interested in you are:

- She’s spending time with you, yeah just that

- She talks a lot and keeps the conversation flowing

- The opposite, she’s nervous and doesn’t talk a lot but seems to want to stay around you. The same goes with eye-contact.

- She’s leaning in towards you

- She follows you if you tell her to go somewhere

- She says she likes you or compliments you

- She playfully hits you

Do it!

I’ll end off this article with some more practical advice so you can take some action.

To start, get your basics done.

- Read our manual on self-esteem which you can download below. Start accepting and loving yourself for who you are. Know that you are good enough for the girls that you want.

- Get good clothes, ask advice to people who dress well or to people that work at the places you buy clothes. H&M or Zara are good enough, no need for expensive brands.

- Watch your personal hygiene and get a decent haircut. Brush your teeth, don’t stink, wash your hair.

- Try watching your posture and walk straight with your shoulders back. No need to act like a gorilla but don’t slouch.

- Try to speak with a low pitched voice, and slow your words down to be seductive.

- Hold strong but relaxed eye contact when talking to people.

- Be curious about others, ask question and share your own stories too.

- Most important of all, find things outside of meeting woman that you’re passionate about, like your job, sports or a hobby and learn to enjoy yourself, at all times.

If you do the above things and put yourself in an environment with a lot of women all you need to do is talk to them in a sociable way and you’ll attract them. Add in some action in there where you actually ask them out on dates and you’re in.

That’s it for today my man, peace!


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