Dating advice from a female perspective

Yes, I know

We women are emotional, sometimes over-the-top, dramamakers, confusing, and so damn inescapable at the same time.

A lot of men don't understand us, women, and maybe they never will. When he's right, she thinks he is wrong. When she's wrong, he better thinks that she is right.. What?

Let me give you a perspective on the 'world of women' from a woman's point of view. Maybe it can help you in the way that you think about us, in the way that you approach us, and lastly, how you can 'get' us, so that you win in this game, rather than loose.


See, all these wonderful dating tips on this website might steer you in the right direction, however, we women have a sixth sense, for knowing and feeling.
From what place do you come internally to step up to us? Do you think you deserve to have a gorgeous girl meeting up to all your needs? Do you love yourself in the same way that you are ready to appreciate us?

Generally, women tend to care more about how you make us feel rather than how you look.

Ever wondered why that thin, small and pimpled guy still get's the girl? And why that smart guy can't get his attention past his computer? (There are some good looking girls on the PC too... But hey, let's stick to real life.)

When you are thinking of approaching her there might be a million thoughts running through your head.

What is she going to say?
What if she rejects me?
How do I respond to what she says?
Is she attracted to me as I am attracted to her?

Blablablaa... And you get blocked. She's walking by and you let her pass. You let her go. And later you see her hugging the guy that dared to approach her. Ouch.

Is he smarter, kinder, nicer, hotter than you? Maybe....... Probably not. He just mastered the game and went for what he wanted.

The ONLY real difference between you and that guy is the way that you perceive your capabilities your, (in)ability to approach her and the way you relate to women and yourself. What can rapidly make you as successful as you consider your lucky friend to be is to model his behavior. Follow the guy that get's it.

What does he do?
How does he walk,
how does he dress himself?
What does he say?
From what internal space is he coming towards the girl?

Are guys like him telling themselves that it would never work? Are they afraid of not knowing how to respond to her? In what state are they in? Do they stand up straight, look up, smile? Often times we are our biggest obstacle, and looking at how others do it, is a way to get out of your own way.

We love you, and we have our own insecurities too. We think you have it figured out, at least we hope so, as we are searching how to handle this game of life too. We desperately crave for men who love themselves. Everyone does the best they can with the resources/abilities they then have available to them.

Make them available to you. Go out, look, observe, and apply. That's the key. You hold the power.

See you with that gorgeous girl.

Peace and love to you,

Farah Lutvica

Farah Lutvica

Farah Lutvica is the youngest ITA NLP certified trainer on the planet. Her insights help others come to more understanding of themselves, their lives and their relationships, despite age, sex or culture.

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