5 Reasons why 99% of men fail with women and how to succeed

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The uncomfortable truth is that 99% of men are not successful with women. What’s even worse is that a large percentage of those guys will never leave the “sexually frustrated” island that they are on.

They might get a number every now and then and maybe they are even able to score a date once a month, but they are definitely not where they want to be. They are not together with the women of their dreams and instead of having sex with gorgeous women they waste their time with porn movies.

They choose the path of least resistance because they have given up. They have given up on love, sex and on the dream to become a successful seducer. Yes, most men believe that it is impossible for them to attract and seduce amazing women.

You don’t have to be one of them. You have clicked on this article because you are one of the few guys who have the dedication and determination to find solutions to their problems.

Today I want to provide you with the five reasons why you don’t have any success with women and the solutions that, if understood and implemented, can immediately put you in the top 1% of seducers.

1. They Listen to Their Excuses

“I am not tall enough”
“I don’t have enough money”
“I am not handsome enough”

Do those excuses sound familiar?
I bet they do. Three years ago they sounded very familiar to me and from countless conversations with guys like you I know that you are struggling with the same negative beliefs.

To be honest, I don’t really blame you for having those thoughts. Thanks to the social conditioning that we are exposed to every second of our life, it is totally natural to have those limiting beliefs. You are constantly bombarded with advertisements that tell you that you have to buy this or that product to finally be the attractive man that you always wanted to be.

In most cases the conditioning is successful, which forces you to believe that you are not good enough, not tall enough, not rich enough and not good looking enough without realizing that it’s all just one big lie.

The truth is that you already are a man who has the ability to approach and attract women. You just don’t take any action because you think that you don’t have a chance to survive the brutal dating game.

If you would only put those excuses aside and take action, you’d realize that the dating game is fun and fulfilling, not brutal and impossible to master.


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2. They Try to Be the Super Alpha Dude

Nowadays everybody wants to be alpha. Everyone wants to be the strong alpha man, the lion among antelopes. While it’s definitely good to work on your looks, on your confidence and on your body language, this whole concept of being alpha leads to more trouble than you might realize.

I have met quite a lot of guys who were “so alpha” that they walked around as if they wanted to kill everybody who dares to look at them. As a result of their state they walked up to women as if they would walk into a boxing ring.

Believe it or not, but a woman who is 20 centimeters smaller than you can be quite intimidated by a guy whose approach is too aggressive. Always remember that a woman doesn’t know if you are the man of her dreams or a rapist when you walk up to her.

Instead of being as alpha as possible you should try to be as relaxed as possible. As a man who is relaxed, you allow her to also relax, which makes her receptive for deep conversations and playful flirting.

3. They Say Things That They Don’t Feel

I am a friend of the honest and authentic way of approaching women. In the seduction community this way of starting a conversation with a woman is called the direct approach. The direct approach deserves its name because it reveals the opinion and the feelings of the man who delivers it in a direct and straightforward way.

However, it only deserves to be called like that when the words you say are genuinely honest. Unfortunately, a lot of guys do the opposite. They watch some pickup video on YouTube, try to remember everything word by word and rehash it during every approach.

I don’t want to destroy your illusions, but if you tell a woman that she looks absolutely gorgeous while you look like Angela Merkel in her New Year’s speech you don’t have to wonder why no girl gives you her phone number.

You have to mean what you say and you have to say what you mean. That’s the secret of the direct approach and the secret to more success with women.

4. They Hide Their Sexual Intent

You saw an attractive woman, you walked up to her and you gave her a genuine compliment without staring at her like a dead goldfish. She thanks you for the compliment and she smiles like a child in the candy store. You are in.

What do you do next?
Most guys are too shy to look a woman in the eyes, they are too nervous to touch her and talking in a flirtatious way is completely out of their reality. That’s why it is no surprise that 99% of guys have a miserable and sexless life.

Hiding your sexual intent is one of the biggest mistakes that you can possibly make. I know that it is tempting to hide the true reason why you came up to her. It is easy to have a boring and nice conversation for hours, but it is hard to risk a rejection by revealing what you really want.

Are you ready for the truth?
If you ever want to have success with women, you have to learn to become confident with your sexual intent. You are a man and no matter if she decides to go on a date with you or not, it is your job to be honest about the way you feel about her.

5. They are Not Connecting on a Deep Level

Now that you know how to approach women and how to show them that you are not interested in a platonic friendship, it is time to experience one unforgettable date after another.

But wait a second. Most guys don’t take girls on unforgettable dates. They torture them with boring conversations in which they bombard them with the “w-questions”.

“Where do you live?”
“What do you do for a living?”
“When have you finished university?”

They ask these boring questions over and over again and still ask themselves why they can’t get laid.

Well, I tell you why:

No woman wants to sleep with you because no woman feels connected to you. Women need to feel a connection before they can allow themselves to sleep with a guy.

How do you connect with women?
Talk about their childhood memories, their passion and about the adventures they experienced. Share your opinion, your stories and your beliefs with them and experience how beautiful and intense it can be to connect with a woman.

Sebastian Harris

Sebastian Harris is a lover of women who has the vision to teach men the honest and authentic way of seduction. He believes that every man has the potential to attract the woman of his dreams. His job is to unleash this potential.

Comments 3

Sun, 17 Jan 2016 14:38

ass player

I love this article!

It’s so true, I don’t make any excuses anymore for approaching girls. I don’t try to be the alpha man, like I used to do and I can connect on a deeper level with women. I just have troubles to connect with my feelings when I am talking to a woman and especially I don’t show my sexual intent and that's why i am not as successful as i can be.

I think if you can connect with your feelings better, you eventually will show your sexual intent too.

Sun, 17 Jan 2016 21:11


have no excuses, don't try to be "super alpha", be authentic, escalate, connect :thumbsup:

Tue, 19 Jan 2016 03:48

Mike Vegas

Good one Seba! :ok_hand:

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