Are you confident?

We all know how important confidence is.
But have you ever been in a situation where you just felt as if you didn’t have enough confidence?
Well, just like me, everybody has.
In this article I’ll teach you 3 simple steps that build your confidence in the long run, and boost it instantly.

As a child and well into my mid teens, I used to be an extraordinary magician.
By the time I was 13 I was often performing in front of hundreds of people.
As I did this, I got a lot of comments, but the most frequent one wasn’t about the magic I performed.
It was about the fact that people where baffled, that such a young man could perform in front of all these people,
with full rock solid confidence.

I always thanked them for the compliment, and felt very proud.
But let me tell you a secret I never told anybody. I was actually nervous before, and during each and every show.
Trust me, when something in your act goes wrong, and sooner or later it always does, you wet your

So why did I appear so confident to all of these people? And more importantly, how can you?

Here are the 3 steps:

1. Be fine with how you feel
2. Take the right actions
3. Trust that it will work

From now on, I want you to use about these steps when you think about confidence.
Let’s go more in depth here.

1. Be fine with how you feel

Confidence is not a an emotion.

Sure, you can feel self-assured, but confidence is more than that.
Being confident means knowing that you’re able to handle messy situations when other can’t.

Think about this.
When we say that someone is really confident, what are we really saying?
It isn’t really something we can measure.

So what we do, is we see how comfortable someone is with himself and his actions in
certain situations.

It’s pretty easy for everyone to be completely calm and comfortable on their cough, while watching TV.

But when somebody’s comfortable in front of a large crowd or while talking to a hot girl, we consider him confident.
So we should never aim to be ‘confident’ as that is just a perception someone has about us.
We should focus on just being fine.

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.“ — Martin Luther King, Jr.

2. Take the right actions

Imagine being the leader of a caveman tribe and being on the hunt with your group.
If you’re getting ready to take down a mammoth, even though you’ve been on plenty of hunting trips, you’re still going to be pretty scared.

You’re trying to take a 3 ton killing machine down, it’s normal.
A great leader may be scared, but even though these emotions are running through him, he’s fine with it.
He’s 100% ready to take down this beast, and this is why he’s the leader.

That’s why people see him as the most confident.
Even if he pisses his own pants, he’ll still be the guy who made it happen.
And girls get in line for the dude that makes things happen.

Now I’m not saying that seducing a girl is comparable to killing a mammoth.
Or that it’s better to be nervous and scared around girls.
But being confident is not about how you feel, it’s about how you act regardless of how you feel.

When you’re able to face challenges, or talk to pretty girls without breaking a sweat, you’re going to look like a badass.
But being a badass doesn’t from being uber confident.
It comes from just being fine, and taking the right actions.

3. Trust that it will work

The first two steps cover confidence, and what it is.
But they’re not that practical.
What does all of this mean when I’m out in the real world?
And what if I don’t spot a mammoth to kill?

That’s what we’ll be getting into right now.
From now on in the real world, I want you to trust these two first steps, like they where told you by a burning bush.
As if these were the words of God himself.
Because if you don’t fully believe in them, you’ll half ass it and they will not work.

You see a girl you want to talk to but feel insecure, so you think back to this article.

You tell yourself “I’m fine” and you take action.
But because you didn’t fully believe in the steps, you tried to start a conversation, like an insecure little bitch.
This caused you to act al weird, and to startle the girl. Obviously she walked thinking you’re a creep.
Now your pissed off at me because it didn’t work. After all, you where fine with
feeling like a little insecure bitch and you did attempt to talk to her.
Well, you just threw a small rock at a mammoth, literally, you barely made it notice you.
No, that’s not what a man does, that’s not taking the right actions.

Taking the right action, means going for the kill.

It’s about going for what you want, with everything you have.

Again, don’t try to force some kind of feeling inside of you. Accept how you’re feeling.
Then get fully engaged and take the right action.
If you do this people will definitely perceive you as confident.

Let’s wrap it up with a summarising exercise.

From now on when you’re out don’t ever worry about being confident or looking confident.
You are going to focus on just being fine.
This isn’t always easy, but it’s the best you can do.

-You’re going to take the right actions, fully engaged and not half assed.
-You’re going to do what you know you have to do.
-You’re going to trust in these steps as if they’re the words of God.

After doing this in particular you’ll start seeing immediate and long term results.

In the short term, when talking to girls they will respond to you because you’re fully engaged.
This demands their attention, and makes you look like a boss.
In the long term, these steps will make you feel more comfortable in every situation, especially after getting results because of them.
Since we’re talking to cute girls and not killing a huge and dangerous animal,
you’ll be able to take action without breaking a sweat pretty soon.

And finally, I want you to know, this article is not created to just read.
This article is designed to produce results.

So get out there and execute these steps.
When you see how amazingly they work, pass it along to friends too, so they can also benefit from it.



Gianni's a veteran in the dating community. He has taught himself how to meet and attract women, by being himself. Now he helps others achieve the same.

Comments 2

Tue, 17 Nov 2015 12:33


This rings true in my experience, sometimes when preparing for a presentation or going into an important meeting i used to be nervous which is a universal experience for most people.

Acceptance, trust in your faculties and taking the right actions will always give you the best result.
In time any nervousness will just fade as you get more experience in these situations.

As long as you're not the one avoiding anything out of your comfort zone you will be improving.

Tue, 17 Nov 2015 19:52

Mike Vegas

Didn't know u where a magician bro, haha :thumbsup:

Confidence is king :crown: :ok_hand:

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