3 tips to be more attractive

Be more attractive, even when you aren’t in your best mood.
This is not what you might think!

Being in a good mood and expressing yourself is CRAZY EFFECTIVE when meeting and attracting women.
This is called being in state.

When you’re in state, all of your words flows.
This is when women get in a trance by just looking in your eyes.
You connect as in a 70’s romantic comedy.
Especially if you’ve been working on your seduction skills for a while, you sometimes feel like a god.
And girls will be looking at you as if you are one.
And the best part is that you don’t even feel like you’re doing something special.
You’re just being you, you’re ‘natural’.

If you’re anything like me though, you won’t feel like a god 24/7.

But guess what, there are hot girls to meet 24/7.
They’re also in places you don’t expect them, and on times when you feel shitty.

So what should you do when you see a hot girl, when you’re not in your best mood?

A lot of guys try to force good feelings out of themselves in such a situation by acting as if they’re in a good mood.
If being in a good mood helps you connect with women, acting like it should also help, right?

Well, you usually end up forcing it out a little bit too hard.
As a consequence, you lose your natural vibe.
This vibe is what keeps you congruent with yourself, and with your emotional state.
It’s probably your best bet to actually connect with people. So not a good idea.

So what do we do?!

 We use techniques! Wait, what? 

Yes, techniques.

As you might think, techniques can make you come across as ‘unnatural’ or try-hard.

So you wouldn’t be completely wrong in thinking that it’s a crappy idea to use them.
And in most circumstances, with most techniques, it is.

Most techniques are intended to push a girls (emotional) buttons, or to even manipulate her somehow. 

This would not have a lot of success. Most people aren’t retarded enough to fall for that.
However, the techniques I’m going to give you are designed to improve your conversations and to bring out your attractive qualities.
Even at times where your halo isn’t naturally exuding them.

My next article is a full depth guide on how to start conversations ANYWHERE,
without looking creepy, and by coming across as a cool guy in the process. No matter how the girls respond.

In waiting upon that I’ll give you 3 fast beginner techniques.
These will improve your conversations, and will help you express yourself with more ease.

Real quick, how do we know which techniques to use and which ones to avoid?

As a guideline ask yourself this:
Does the technique try to take something from the girl, or does is add to the fun and actually ‘give’ her something?
Keep this question in mind.
If you’re a beginner, stick to the ones we teach you until you gain a bit of experience.
After that experiment with it.

1. When talking to girls, try to move them as fast as you can.

Making them walk just a few steps with you can already help.
Moving girls makes your conversations a lot more chill.
It creates the feeling of being in the same group.
Instead of you being a random dude who walked up to her.
It also establishes your as a leading man, it get’s her used to the idea of following you and doing what you ask,
and it’s a great way to start getting a bit more physical with her.


2. Try asking less questions and give more statements at the beginning of conversations.

Questions might make easier for you, but they make it harder for the girl.
Especially if she isn’t that comfortable with you yet.
And most men are really bad at asking good questions when they’ve just met a woman.
You should open up first by giving statements.
This also takes the burden of the conversation off of her shoulders, and helps her relax and open up.

3. Make your conversations more personal.

Talk about you, her or the two of you. Talking about the weather usually isn’t that attractive.
Seducing women and connecting with them are very personal things, so get personal when talking to them.
Again, talk about you, her or the two of you.
Here’s an example.
If you were actually talking about the weather, you could say:
“I love the autumn weather right now, it’s not too warm and not too cold.”
Or you could ask what her favourite season is. 

These examples make it more personal already.
You can even look at tip 2 and use statements like:
“You look like a winter girl who wants to drink hot coco and watch Netflix in front of a fire place.” or
“ Great that we love the winter, we should go skiing together.
I’d beat you, but we could drink away your losses at the après-ski.

Now go out and put these techniques into practice.
Then come back next week to for the full guide so your mind can be blown to pieces!



Gianni's a veteran in the dating community. He has taught himself how to meet and attract women, by being himself. Now he helps others achieve the same.

Comments 3

Mon, 02 Nov 2015 23:37

Mike Vegas

Nice one!

Mon, 16 Nov 2015 04:07


Solid tips from a guy who obviously has things down :thumbsup:

Thu, 19 Nov 2015 23:23

ass player

nice articel!

I really like tip number 1. I think most guys forget that moving her is incredible powerfull!

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