15 Reasons to Smile When Meeting Women and How to Do It

I started this article with writing a lot of bull about smiling. But after a while I realised half of you would have stopped reading. I strongly believe you need to be reminded about the importance of smiling. It’s too freaking simple to not do it more often.

Research showed that children smile up to 400x a day while the average adult only smiles 20x a day. This made me sad. Which made me write this to hopefully get you to smile a little more like you used to do.

- Here's a different approach you should keep in mind from now on when thinking about smiling:

You don’t smile because you are happy. You are happy because you smile.

Viewing emotions as a tool, instead of emotions tooling you, is one of the greatest epiphanies I’ve had the last years. If emotions tool you around, you aren’t in control of your life. Taking the higher ground and using your MOTION to have control over your E-MOTIONs is the first step I took in regaining back my control.

This requires some re-wiring in your brain to get used to, so don’t dismiss it if it feels weird at first, because it will. You will see and FEEL the value in it sooner rather than later though.

I hope by now you know I like to have a strong WHY for what I do. So let's start off this article with a f-ton of logical reasons why you should smile more, before we proceed with the practical stuff.

15 reasons to smile:

1. Laughing disarms people. It relaxes them and makes them less defensive and hence, more receptive for you. It takes away the “serious” vibe, makes everything more light weight.

2. People always want to join the fun or a laughing crowd. Nobody ever wants to be the party pooper. Smiling disarms but also protects you! Try and feel good after bringing someone else down!

3. Laughing displays Life Force! One that is often undervalued.

4. It has been proven in studies that laughing gives you a 2 to 5x higher chance of healing from life threatening conditions. (Emotional Intelligence, by Daniel Goleman)

5. Smiling is Contagious. It is one of the fastest and easiest ways of getting someone else to smile. People remember how you make them feel, not what you say to them.

6. Smiling raises the oxygen levels in your blood and brain which will help you feel and communicate better.

7. When you laugh, your intestines get an amazing massage!

8. Laughing reduces stress.

9. Laughing stimulates social bonding.

10. Laughing makes you appear more attractive, this has been shown in studies.

11. Laughing makes someone easier to be around.

12. Laughing can extinguish anger. It makes people forget about things that went wrong.

13. We laugh more when we can laugh with others. Laughing has a huge social aspect that amplifies good emotions. You will laugh more watching a series with friends then you would alone! Making it also more enjoyable.

14. Laughter or smiling is very honest. It is VERY hard to fake a good laugh or smile. It breeds trust and vulnerability. Two basic building blocks for an amazing relationship.

15. Laughing connects people in the most amazing ways. Again, people remember how they felt around you, so if you can laugh together you’re strongly bonding.

Okay, so you skimmed over the classic benefits of laughing. Nothing too crazy, I know. But I had to repeat them so they are back in the front part of your brain.

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How to smile more

So you don’t feel like smiling. You don’t feel happy. Your life is not really panning out like it should. Or you have some other excuse not to be happy and hence smile or laugh.

Or it is but you still don’t really feel that good that you want to walk around with a smile?

No worries, because of the re-frame at the start of the article, smiling just got a new dimension. You no longer smile because you feel good. You start smiling now to START feeling good LATER.

There are a million ways to achieve this. One research example that backs this up is the ancient psychological experiment of putting a pencil between your teeth for a few minutes which emulates smiling and feeling your state go up.

In the seduction industry it is also a huge part of self-amusement. A cornerstone in seducing women. My man Terry Travis wrote a great article on Self-Amusement to Attract Women that you can check out in this link.

4 of my personal favorite ways:

1. Get someone else to smile and smile or laugh WITH them (not at them). The best way to make yourself happy is to make someone else happy (Socrates). You can do this with silly jokes or in however way you see fit

2. Fake it till you make it. Laugh as hard as you can for no reason for 2 minutes. Feel how you start laughing because of how retarded you are laughing (this is VERY hard to do at first).

3. Imagine strange situations with good or funny outcomes, and really try to believe them. Imagine how you got into an accident and where no longer able to use your legs. For 10 years you were wheelchair bound. Now all of a sudden you get to use them again for 10 minutes! Using some self-deprecation, try and dance in the most retarded ways while you smile and get your state up!

4. Grab your nose with your right hand and your right ear with your left hand. Then switch, grabbing your nose with your left hand and your Left ear with your right hand. Do this with a smile and try to do this as fast as you can. Challenge others in a random moment to do the same. Enjoy the laughs of the pointlessness of it!

There are endless ways to get yourself to smile first and feel better afterwards. Fight through the resistance and find what works for YOU. It is a struggle worth having. Once you find it re-use it.

Most people worry about what others think about them when doing these forms of becoming happier. But remember: Being a retard makes other people smile, which in turn will make you smile. It’s a confidence training exercise.

You GET to smile… Do it more often!

If you don’t like the above methods find ones you do enjoy. You can also take the other end of the spectrum and work hard to live authentic, with strong values and morals. Where you smile feeding off your success in life. Where you smile off of what happens in your environment. But this is unreliable since it’s out of your control. Find a way to enjoy smiling and to keep doing it. No matter what happens in your life. Try smiling to feel good, don’t wait to feel good to smile.

Be consistent and try out this new paradigm! You have nothing to lose, only a smile.

Yours truly,

Willem V


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