How to do proper Dance Game?

Most men have no idea how to meet women on a dancefloor. A lot of dating coaches give the advice to get girls off the dancefloor as soon as possible so you can hold a conversation.

I absolutely love dancefloors. They can create an extremely powerful way to meet women and I’ve had a lot of success with it. By using proper body language and by projecting the right sub-communications you can create a really deep connection that can easily attract women.

The hidden potential

First of all, you need to understand why the dancefloor has such potential and why taking a girl away from it can actually work against you.

The dance floor IS A FUN PLACE TO BE! Girls love it, they often go to the club just to dance with their friends and have a fun night in general and the lights, the loud music, the chance to release all their energy after a tiring week make it perfect for that. Taking her away from the dance floor, trying to just talk to her, can and will take away huge part of her fun and that’s not what you want. Women, especially during the night will pursue as much fun as possible, no matter where it comes from. If she knows her friends are having a blast while dancing and you’re trying to just hold a conversation, she won’t enjoy it.

Dance game is 90% physical and based on sub-communications, since the loud music makes it often impossible to hold a conversation. This a fun and challenging way to meet girls you like without having to say things.

So what do you have to do to use the dance floor to your advantage?

The Approach

I personally have 2 main ways of approaching women on the dance floor:

 The first one is the direct approach, in which you just cut through the people and the group of girls and walk straight up to the girl you like. While maintaining laser eye-contact you gently take her hand and start dancing. If she doesn’t immediately want to join you take a step back and introduce yourself. Then take her hand and start dancing again.

If she starts dancing with you and she seems to like it, you could even try to kiss her right there and then. Another useful thing I do is ask her where her ‘guy’ is. Most of them will respond "I don’t have any guy" and at this point again if the signs are good (she keeps looking at my eyes, she looks comfortable and relaxed, etc) I answer "Now you do." and I try to sneak in a kiss. Of course after this happens, you have to try and meet her friends.

 The second one I use is the indirect approach in which I walk into the circle of the girls and I start doing silly dances. The vast majority of the times they will crack up and laugh. And some of them will even follow and do the silly dances as well. Now the whole group likes you straight from the beginning and you can focus on the girl you like and try to dance exclusively with her. (This is the approach I am using the most, lately)

In general when meeting a girls on the dance floor it is always good to do it with energy levels slightly higher than theirs, at least in the beginning, so they will perceive it as you adding to their fun. After you've met each other and have made a mutual group vibe you can slow things down.

The Technical Part

Most guys will avoid the dance floor with the excuse that they don’t know how to dance. Guess what: You DO NOT NEED to know ANY dance moves. Just do whatever you feel like doing and dance however the f**k you like dancing. If you have fun and feel confident and comfortable with yourself she will get absorbed into that, she will laugh and this will add to her fun. Spin her around a few times, spin yourself a few times, that’s it. Don't try to impress her with complicated dance moves and shit like that. You will get stressed, it will look try-hard and she might even feel intimidated if she can’t keep up with you. Keep it simple, keep it fun.

Just remember the moments you are home alone and you feel free to blast the music and dance like a retard. You think it looks stupid and you can feel this little guilt deep inside as if somebody is watching, but it is hilarious and entertaining to do so and you don’t give a fuck. Well, that’s exactly what you have to do in the club! Break free from the chains of social conditioning and the feeling that you will get judged by others and just do it. Be real, be authentic, amuse yourself.

The only important detail to remember while you are doing all the above is to maintain laser eye contact at all times with the girl you like.

Slow Down

When you’ve passed the 'sexual hook point' and you know she is attracted to you by giving you clear signals (like strong eye contact, ignoring her friends, getting closer and becoming more physical), it is time to shift gear in the interaction. Lower your energy levels, but keep your intensity high. Move less. Stay more solid and grounded in the spot where you are standing. Let her put more effort into the interaction, let her try to impress you with dance moves and let her invest. Let her, and physically lead her into revolving and moving around you.
You can check her 'compliance', make her invest and lead at the same time just by taking a few steps backwards (literally) while looking at her and see if she will come to you. You can touch the wall with your back and wait for her to come.

If everything is going well here girls will usually want to kiss you. Teasing them at this point and not letting them kiss you is always a good thing to do. It will make them want it and try to get it even more. Give her a small push, get back to the dance floor and repeat the process of teasing her. At the end of the night be sure to see what she’s up to. Maybe ask her to join you to your place to have a drink or see if you can join her to hers. If you guys can’t go home together ask for her phone number and set up a date.


Don't be scared of the dance floor! Embrace it. The dance floor is fun. Use it to your advantage, add to her fun, feel free to move in any way you want, add to your own fun and build up your state. Dance with her, listen to the music together, sync your bodies and imagine her dancing like that in your bed ;)

Thanks for reading and take good care.


Chris Rand

Chris Rand is an upcoming dating coach. Expect to hear a lot of him in the future!

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Mon, 28 Mar 2016 04:13

ass player

never thought that dancing with a girl can this easy! i Always thought i needed at least some great dance moves.

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