About Dating Heroes

Date quality women, improve your social skills, and enrich your life with personal advice from our dating and lifestyle experts.

Dating Heroes provides you with (almost) daily new videos, articles or Q&A sessions where we teach you how to meet and attract the women of your dreams.
We also host legendary live events and offer transformational personal coaching.

Have you ever thought to yourself:

" - How can I walk up to an attractive woman and start a conversation to meet her?"
" - What do I actually say to her and what do we talk about?"
" - How can I make someone fall in love with me?"
" - How do I avoid making a fool out of myself when talking to women?"
" - How do win friends and deeply connect with people?"

If you need hep on these subjects, don't worry. We're here to guide you.
We use scientific research around psychology and apply this to dating and social skills.

We'll show you how to meet beautiful women, get awesome friends, and really connect with people.
You'll learn how to become charming and popular, in your own way.

Everything we teach has been field tested by ourselves and our students to guarantee real life results.
It's all focused on authenticity, self-esteem, empathy, social intelligence and having fun.

No gimmicky stuff, no memorising routines and no pretending to be someone else. We focus on sustainable change.
We want to build you up as a naturally attractive, sociable and fun person so you can meet, attract and keep the women you want.

We have a free practical guide on self-esteem that you can download here as a beautiful e-book. We highly recommend you to read it if you're interested in improving your life. This goes for women, health and wealth!

Meet our team

Tom Ronin

Tom considers himself to be a student of life and social dynamics. It's a never ending journey of new discoveries and insights into psychology, interpersonal relationships, health and even business and spirituality.
He has been studying these fields since 2004 and will soon be sharing some of the knowledge that he gained on his path.

"Surrounding yourself with the right people who live life consciously and in positive energies can uplift everyone involved.
Knowledge can expand your mind and is the solid foundation for building any skill." -- Tom

For the following years his life will be dedicated to bringing knowledge into the real world in many different areas of life.


Gianni focusses on authenticity and self-acceptance.
These were essential pillars on his self-taught journey in seduction.
This developed him to a man that can meet and attract women by being himself.
Now he wants to help you achieve the same.

Gianni's a very laid back guy with a sharp but creative sense of humor.
He has a background in digital design.

Read more about Gianni here.

Willem V

Willem V has a background in philosophy, psychology and now studies sexology.
He grew up with a lot of self-esteem issues and was your typical ‘nice guy’.

After fixing his emotional baggage, Willem got involved in the dating community and solved the problems in his love life.
Now, years later, he helps other men overcome the issues he went through.

Read more about Willem V here.


Having reached the pinnacle of seduction would still be an understatement for Willem.
This man has probably experienced more women than anyone else you'll ever meet.
And he enjoyed each and every one of them.

Willem is driven by excitement, curiosity and pleasure.
He has a background in the history or art and is a philosopher and poet by heart.
Read more about Willem here.


Virgin has been in the dating community for over 6 years, during which he spent a great deal of time moderating the forums and working for one of the biggest dating companies on the planet. He has helped countless people with their love life. Even if you believe you're a hard case, he's seen worse.

Virgin has an academic background in psychology which has served his students well as a dating expert.

Read more about Virgin here.